October 2016 AKA as soon as school starts

October 17, 2016 Michael No comments exist

It was my goal to sit down every morning after dropping the kids off at school and write, breathing new life into this blog.




Well school started at the end of August,  every morning became perhaps tomorrow, and right after drop off became as soon as I get this other stuff done.   Today is October 17,  it is midday and I am finally writing my first post of the year.

I have had a few false starts, rant posts and such, but I have never completed them or viewed them as worthy of sharing.

It is tough righting a blog for a purpose.  It can be daunting writing about things you really are not an expert in.  Parenting is like having a new job every single week.  Just when you think you have got a grasp on something, WHAM, something new pops up.  It is just life in a constant state of flux.  Picking a topic to discuss out of this cyclone of life is even more problematic because as soon as you begin to solidify your ideas you are sideswiped by a child who just realized that whining works super well on mommy so lets try in on daddy.

Distraction aside there is also self doubt and criticism.  I have received very little feedback on my writing.  Mostly posts about how people can flood my pages with viewers for a small fee. I did receive one post that called me twenty or so demeaning/derogatory phrases and then abruptly ended mid post.  I think I would have enjoyed further communication with that guy, he had a vast vocabulary for the vulgar and inappropriate.  Perhaps if given a chance he could have said something useful.

So here I am 280 plus words into this post and I have said essentially nothing.  I suppose if there was a take away from this it would be that we all have distractions and frustrations.  Take a moment or two just to do what you feel like doing.  There is always something coming in five minutes.


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