Summer so much fun?

June 30, 2016 Michael No comments exist

Summer is a time to relax, play, have fun………

Summer is really a time to run yourself witless in the miserable heat.  I think it is hilarious how kids can run themselves so hard that they end up sobbing and blubbering on the floor and they don’t even know why.  Sure they were having fun running around in circles playing make believe and dress up then for no obvious reason, doors get slammed, fist start to fly, and then on comes the water works.  Rinse and Repeat.

I have tried to hear out both sides, get to the root cause of where it went into combustion, etc,  but after just two weeks since school ended I pretty much just rely of the separate and shush technique.

My wife, the super genius that she is, realized long ago that leaving kids to their own devices to come up with their own fun all the time is a recipe for disaster so she had the foresight to enroll them in camps, swim lessons, gymnastics lessons, music lessons, and various other day outings.  These really have helped to minimize the number of meltdowns.

One positive side effect of these busy days has been sleep, glorious 10 hour nights of sleep, for the kids.  They even started sleeping on the floor for fun and this hasn’t disturbed the grand slumber.

I wish I had the energy that they do.  Everyday I take an afternoon nap because I am wiped out and yet they keep going.  I could sleep for hours but typically only get about 43.4 minutes before the first punch is thrown.

We have striven to minimize the amount of time kids watch television but there are days when the stun box is critical.  I don’t let the parenting replacement bother me to much.  Besides I heard my youngest saying that her toy needed a new transmission the other day.  Thanks Blaze!  My kids now know more about cars and physics than I do.


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