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Eight years ago this weekend I ran and completed the Frederick Marathon.  The weather was essentially the same as it is this weekend.  Wet, cool and cloudy. It was difficult.  I was cold and sore and mentally exhausted.  For months leading up to the race we trained and planned.  We suffered injuries and illness and when the race started we did what we planned to do.  We ran, and ran, and ran.  We made rookie mistakes,  Ran to fast the first half.  Didn’t dress properly for the event.  In the end we finished and got our medals.  Celebrated with friends and swore we would never run again.  (Almost every runner I know says this after every major race they run)


It had been a dream of mine since I was 15 years old to run a Marathon.  Funny thing is I really wasn’t a runner to look at.  Standing at the starting line I was 253 pounds and 38% body fat.  I got it into my mind that I could do it and I set out to accomplish it.  I had training runs where I was exhausted and dehydrated from being out the night before with friends and having to much fun.  But I got up and completed them. I had a goal and I was going to complete it.


Running is kind of a strange sport.  Most sports you have levels that people compete at and within those levels you can kind of rise and excel if you try.  With running it is really an every man sport. You can be a snail and still join most races.  Millions of people join races every year knowing full well they will never ever win.  Running really is about challenging ones self.  People set goals and pursue them with a drive most would not even consider. Testing themselves against Nature and Geography.  Proving that they can accomplish things they never thought possible.


Every year since I ran my Marathon,  The Frederick Running festival is still held. Thousands of people from the region fill the streets to test their constitutions and prove to themselves that they can succeed.  The Marathon is no longer held due to logistical reasons but the half grows in popularity each year.


Sunday as many of you are traveling to do mothers day events and the roads are extra crowded and restaurants are on longer than usual waits take a moment to ask yourself, how have you tested yourself lately?.  What personal goals have you set and striven towards?  If you can’t think of anything, take 30 minutes of your busy day go sit by yourself and ask what do you want from life.  Striving for success outside the office is a very important role to model for your children as they are watching you and will do what you do or don’t do.




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